Actuarial Time

Daniel Luedtke


Milwaukee Zine Fest

The Milwaukee Zine Fest is one of the Midwest's longest-standing zine festivals, providing safe space for open exchange amongst creators for over a decade. The Milwaukee Zine Fest celebrates and promotes zine culture, DIY creative literary work, small press publishing, and other independent, self-created work. Held annually at the Milwaukee Public Library's central branch, the Milwaukee Zine Fest brings creators from near and far to provide a safe, independent platform of expression for underrepresented communities and voices.

In 2019 the Milwaukee Zine Fest was acquired by the Bindery, a community workspace and service provider for book, print and literary art in Milwaukee. As part of their Community Diversity Fellowship, Genesis owner and director, Randy Brown partnered with the Milwaukee Zine Fest to aid in facilitating their mission driven work of elevating the voices of marginalized and underrepresented creators. Additionally, Randy served as a member of the Zine Team. The Zine team is comprised of volunteers from the greater Milwaukee area, who dedicate their time to the planning and development of the Milwaukee Zine Fest, as well as the facilitation of Zine workshops throughout the calendar year.